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3 people unwanted friendeds

So who are these so called unwanted friends


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Once upon a time

there was:

The Contribution Agency,

HM Inspector of Taxes and

Customs & Excise


are these the three evils to which you refer?

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Oh so sad

Like it, but not what I was after.


Sad that we sit at this time of night pondering over problems

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I wonder if its the same 3...

I have also been unfriended by 3 people - and if I click the link it will tell me who.  However, as I have no idea what the site is and very much doubt that I have used it, I can't have "friended" anyone in the first place, so those who have unfriended me almost certainly arent my friends! 


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Ah the benefit of having no friends.....

I know it can't apply to me.

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I think it picks up your Facebook page (if you have such a sad thing) and monitors who has found out you're an accountant and not a formula 1 driver and decided they don't love you any more

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BTW when did friend become a verb?

let alone unfriend?

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I was so happy

until I realised that these 3 friends I never knew I had actually didn't want to know me after all :(

But as I've got no friends on Facebook I think it might be a big fat fib they've been telling us....

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Around 1225


Apparently it first became a verb around 1225, with Shakespeare, a e housman, and quite a few others using it in the following centuries. The OED has a number of examples from the 15th to 17th Centuries,

So well after your time, unless of course you're not who you pretend to be!


Around 2005

Take your pick.

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My son tells me he has 457 friends and three real ones, now that sounds realistic.

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Ah this new modern language, not at all like when i were a lad back before this modern era.

είναι όλα τα ελληνικά σε μένα

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είναι όλα τα ελληνικά σε μένα?

Surely it's all english to you, the other should be no problem! (unless my translation's off, I have little Latin and less Greek)

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Unfriend them first....

....with this charming card. Harsh but fair, I think.


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