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99/00 tax return

99/00 tax return

In 98/99 i returned a self assessment return as i had property income on top of income as an employee.

For 99/00, i no longer have the property income.

I have been sent the return, do i need to complete it ?


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By Abacjm
24th Jul 2003 16:05

99/00 Return
Yes, this is correct. No doubt you will also have received automatic penalties of 2 x £100 for each year it has been late. if you have no profit from property complete the Land & Property pages showing any income and any necessary expenditure which reducs it to NIL. Then complete the additionalinfoirmation boxes to write in the date when the interest in the property terminated. If there is no liability, then the fines will be reduced to zero, so it is worth doing.

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24th Jul 2003 09:10

is this correct?

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By Anonymous
01st Feb 2001 10:46

Since you have received a return, you must send it in. What you should do to avoid receiving one in future is to inform the IR that you do not have any income that is not taxed at source, if this is true.

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