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A couple of things...

A couple of things...
  1. I filed a CT600 online with authorisation to repay the excess CT paid on account to myself. Whilst this arrived at the government gateway it did not migrate to the CT system software and a payable order has been issued to the client - not sure if this is a one off or a system problem;
  2. I know the treasury are making cuts, but the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik rendition whilst on hold sounded like George Osborne on his stylophone!


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06th Sep 2010 11:29

CT repayments

The fate of CT repayments seems even more hit-and-miss than SA ones. I once had this problem with a repayment that was set to cover a backlog of fees, only for it to go to the client, who shortly after went into liquidation! (In the end the director's personal guarantee clause in the engagament letter was honoured without a quibble.)

As for the muzak - maybe soon little George will advance from the stylophone to the recorder!

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06th Sep 2010 15:01

CT refunds

I've had this happen a couple of times but several months ago.

The reason given was that carry back claims are dealt with manually and the signal set to alert the staff the repayment is to go to a nominee wasn't working properly. I was assured this was recitifed and have had a couple come through correctly so probably manaual error

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By Old Greying Accountant
06th Sep 2010 23:34

Ah, but...

... this wasn't a carry back claim.

We paid an estimate on account, and when the final liability was calculated a repayment arose, that's the beauty of a system where the payment is due three months before the return!

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