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aaarrrgghhh !! - LLP Help

aaarrrgghhh !! - LLP Help

I have the "pleasure" of preparing a set of dormant LLP accounts for a client who registered the LLP as he intended to start but has never traded.

No problem I thought - I don't have any LLP clients at the moment save this one - I will go to Companies House and file the DCA (LLP equivalent) online

However - there isn't one and what is more I can't find a template.

Before I press ahead trying to ensure I draft a compliant template could I ask one of the members of the community to help/point me in the direction of one.

£10 to the favourite charity of anyone who can pass on/send me a template - believe me it will be £10 very well spent!


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10th Dec 2011 22:47

If you message me yr email, I can send you a template.

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to neiltonks
13th Dec 2011 10:23


Hi Girl of Wight - I have sent you a PM - let me know your charity too!

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By johnt27
12th Dec 2011 17:16

No such thing as a dormant LLP

Unfortunately many people think that because an LLP is a "corporate partnership" that they can be dormant. However, there is no provision in the CA2006 to allow LLP's to be dormant, hence no DCA form on Companies House website, afterall partnerships are formed with an expectation to make a profit from a trade.

Therefore, you need to prepare full accounts in accordance with the FRSSE and SORP and file tax returns!! Better to get rid of the LLP and save yourself the hassle.

If the client wants to keep the name incorporate a dormant company instead.

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12th Dec 2011 17:24

Yes but a simple FRSSE and SORP compliant set of accounts with nil entries does the same thing :)

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14th Dec 2011 19:52

Partnership tax return

Ding dong, if your partnership was incorporated before 5 April 2010 I trust you filed the partnership tax return before 31 January 2011.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Client has a dormant LLP. Old adviser prepared dormant accounts fine but client has now said it has been receiving request for tax returns for the partnership and penalty notices, should they be worried.


Anyone else has experience of dormant LLPs and partnership tax returns.





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to SteveRA
14th Dec 2011 20:23

Sort of................

Thanks David

I have requested from the client any paperwork he has/can find regarding this LLP so that I can look into the tax return situation.

It was incorporated on 31/03/2010 so yes a Partnership return was due for the 5 days but have got no details yet to trace it !

still trying !

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30th Jan 2013 23:56

Llp member AWOL
I am trying to file a tax return for an llp that was never used. Three members one gone AWOL. Can I still do this without the third missing members details?

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