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ACCA - how many hours a week?


I have just started ACCA. I have recently graduated with a non-relevant 2.1 degree through the Open University.

My job is part of the treasury/financial accounting team in a public sector organisation. I am looking at completing the F1 to F3 modules by around April or May.

I am trying to plan out my time for the skills level and I suspect the first paper exams will be in December. I would look to start studying for the skills exams in about May.

Can anyone shed some light onto how many hours per module I should look to study per week? I would look to study F4 and F5 and possibly F6 if this is feasible.

I will self-study on text books, this worked well when I was studying in the Open Uni.

Any advice is appreciated!




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open uni is hopeless

if you   are serious you will pay for texts published by the likes of BPP. and devote 2 hrs in the morning to start with, depending on your commute and then top it up with a revision course.

your skills are dependent on your work experience, you can only gain Knowledge by self study.

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Thanks for the feedback David.

I am very serious about achieving this. I have worked in finance office with various ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA accountants, so they have been at pains to tell me it is a long hard road! I have already had 4 performance objectives completed and the only reason I haven't submitted anymore, is so that my manager doesn't start pulling her hair out!

I have some Emile Woolf books relating to F1 to F3 and I am pleasantly surprised to see that I am aware of much of the syllabus in these areas and I seem to be doing fair to good on the mock tests I can find on line (such as Open Tution etc).

Obviously there will likely be a big jump up from F4 onwards. I process information better by reading and doing, rather than someone talking to me, but I take the point about getting good quality text books.

8 to 10 hours per week seem to be the amount of hours to get two modules completed, so thank-you for putting a figure down. Unfortantly, I commute by car, so I will achieve this through weekends and the evenings.

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Depends on your work style

I started off by attending evening courses but I'm afraid my brain was long dead after a day's work. In the end I found that my natural style thrived on doing the process back to front. In the end I learned to start with the revision texts and Q&A's and refer back to the manuals for clarification when needed. For me, a really good pre-exam crammer course was absolutely essential too.

Working at it the conventional way i.e. start at the beginning of the text book etc it took me about 4 years to get midway through the old level 2 of ACCA. Once I had sorted out the right style I passed the last 4 papers in one sessions and level 3 in two bites.

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my advice

Unless you're thinking of attempting Skills exams in June session I'd recommend spreading your exams till June (1.5 month for each, 10h p/w) and then (provided you're successful) start preparing for Skills exams in December.

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