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Accessing the Government Gateway - 5 Nov 2012

I am trying to login to the Gateway to make some changes for assistants. I can login to HMRC On-line, but cannot even get to the login screen for the Gateway - or only a plain text version that then does nothing.

Anyone else, or just me?


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05th Nov 2012 11:05

Same here

When I click on Enter the Government Gateway, amid all the warnings about the site upgrade on Tuesday night, it hangs trying to get to:

which appears to be on the Department for Work and Pensions site.

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By ACDWebb
05th Nov 2012 11:22

Oh good

not just me then. Paranoia subsides

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05th Nov 2012 13:22

I can get into CT but not SA

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By ACDWebb
05th Nov 2012 15:46

The Government gateway

 now appears to be back.

HMRC ITSA I have had no problems with today. Not tried CTSA

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