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Accounting and stock control software

We are a small manufacturing business, we are looking for software networkable to 4 pc's that will provide logical accounting, stock control and freetype invoice creation. We did have MYOB a great simple low costs system that worked, it had limitations but it worked and non accounts based personnel could get good information consistently out of it. We were conned into going for Mammut which is useless, poorly supported totally non logical  to be honest I cannot speak badly enough about it.

We are desperate to make a move before we grow anymore and end up with even bigger problems down the road




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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:58

freetype invoice creation. ??


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09th Mar 2012 21:23

Dear 3569787


A freetype invoice based on our requirements is 20 to 30 line items based on a service function each line item requiring a different description invoice to invoice, we need a flexible system, Mamut is so far from that despite their big sell to transfer from MYOB based on the statements that Mamut was more flexible and user friendly???





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26th Jan 2012 12:35

whats wrong with Mamut

I thought it was a fairly decent system?

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26th Jan 2012 21:58

Personally I'd use sage. It can be a little slow sometimes when a number of users are logged in but they are apparently fixing it! There are other systems out there like OGL and Pegasus but these can be very expensive and the accounting side isn't as logical as sage

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By MrHopko
27th Jan 2012 16:33

Which system?

You need to find the package that suits you and your business and your budget. As you may have experienced, you can spend tens of thousands on a package and it not work in a way you need it to.

If you are wanting a bespoke ERP system then you need to not only be carefull about which package you go for (there are many that do the same thing) but be carefull about the 'software partner' with who you engage. It is the software partner who will identify your business processes and design the system around them. If they get that wrong then it doesn't matter which software you have purchased as the design won't match your requirements.

My best advice would be to find someone who has a similar business and ask which system they use, who built it for them and how satisfied they are. If you are unable to do this then talk to a number of potential software partners and ask if you can visit a business in the same industry where they have installed software.

Maintaining stock and WIP in a manufacturing environment is complicated. By all means look at Sage but you might struggle to get job cost information from it.

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31st Jan 2012 13:00

I have spent the last 5 years working as a consultant with cloud based inventory systems for smaller companies.  We wanted to extend our offering to accountancy and implemented Access Dimensions as an on premise solution to replace too high a cost!  Having done that,  I can definitely recommend you go cloud-based! There a number of good systems out there now (including Brightpearl which you might want to have a look at).   I am now freelance so if you are interested, and you could tell me a bit more about your firm, I could help you select, trial and implement a solution.

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02nd Feb 2012 13:55

This might be a little late, but Anagram Systems Encore software would be worth you looking at. It is probably a step up from MYOB but cost should not be a problem and it is designed for for the type of buiness that I think you are from your brief description. have a look at the web site and all the contact details are on that. Hope this is helpful.

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02nd Feb 2012 14:37

Manufacturing linked to accounts, bill of materials and WIP

I would advise you go for the best ERP system possible to meet the needs of the business with a proven track record in manufacturing.

Any half way approach would be nothing but short term and a waste of money in the mid to long term.

The functionality to order raw materials based on best quote received, be able to produce detailed bills of material, work in progress valuations and stock of finished goods valuations (possibly in multi currency and multi location) including landing costs at varying cost prices is a highly complexed process.

Without more information about the specific needs of the business, I would not be happy to recommend anything.




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03rd Feb 2012 16:58

Accounting, Stock Contrl & Manufacturing Software

Good advice above from MrHopko and John Cotter, and worth heeding.

My company specialise in analysing manufacturing companies processes, system requirements and future plans before matching and recommending systems.

Our backgrounds are accountancy and business management, ERP, Supply Chain and manufacturing systems implementations.

We both recommend and provide systems and when we can't, we direct clients to alternative suitable providers.

I'd be happy to have a chat and help if I can.


Martin Lea

[email protected]

0191 256 9550

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09th Mar 2012 21:19


Dear All

Many thanks for all your inputs, there are a couple that are interesting towards the end of this thread and I will be contacting next week and a couple that I will PM.


Just to set the record straight Mamut is [email protected], after another week of work on it it just plain doesn't work and the support tell downright lies, HMRC should really take a long hard look as the outputs for them might as well be written by Walt Disney, hell even our accountant could not make head or tale of it.





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