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accounting for cost of setting up limited company

accounting for cost of setting up limited company

Indivual pays for setting up a limited company. Can these costs be reimbursed from the company once it has been set up?
(sorry if it sounds a simple question but I can't see an answer in any textbook that I've referred to for such costs!

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14th Sep 2006 10:57

Not tax dedectible.
While they can be reimbursed company registration costs are not tax deductible by the company so have to be added back in the Corporation Tax computation.

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13th Sep 2006 13:00

Cost of setting up a new company
The expenses incurred in connection with setting up a new company are called pre-incorporation expenses.These expenses may be reimbursed after the company has been set up and operations commenced.

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19th Nov 2010 10:41

comapny registration costs

Company registration costs - is it Comapnies House fee of £15? Or, if I pay sombody for helping me with the company formation - shall I treat it as company registration costs as well?

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