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Accounting software options - multicurrency

Accounting software options - multicurrency

I work for a small oil and gas company operating mainly in western Africa. We're having software problems and want to implement a new system, but there seems such a big jump between a package like Sage and one like Infor 10 SunSystems. The appeal of SunSystems is the multicurrency functionality and the fact that it seems to be used by other small oil and gas E&P companies. We would like to be able to prepare reports in several currencies and my understanding is that SunSystems is second to none when it comes to multicurrency. It sounds like the reporting is also very good. I'm just concerned about the time/money required to design & implement the system. I also get the feeling that SunSystems might be more than what we need - we're basically plateauing our operations and have got by this far with a local version of Sage (but we have to change because the system is incredibly slow and doesn't have any multicurrency functionality at all).

Does anyone have any other software suggestions?


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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:55

Take a look at....ClearSEAs


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By dreamcatcher
19th Jun 2012 16:53

Kashflow does have a multi currency function.  Having recently started to use Kashflow for a client I can recommend it.  I've yet to have call to use any other currency but sterling so I can't comment on that part of it, sorry.

It might be worth a look. 

They give 14 days free trial on the website and charge £17.99 per month.

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19th Jun 2012 22:55

If you want all the benefits of SunSystems but not the overbearing infrastructure and cost then try Aqilla ( It is very similar to Sun in terms of unified ledger, true multi currency, excellent reporting, multi level analysis and excellent financials. Prices are subscription based so much cheaper than on premise and no hardware either!

With all due respect to Kashflow etc. Aqilla really is true multi currency like SunSystems and not 'lipstick on a pig' I.e. putting a currency symbol infront of the figure but actually still doing everything in sterling or base currency.

Being web based it will support an international business. Like SunSystems it is functional more than it is attractive but I guess from the comments you make you would rather a good core financials system than pretty fisher price icons.

Speak to Hugh at Aqilla if you want to go direct or Elliott at West Sussex Business Solutions ( if you want an implementation partner that has experience of Aqilla and Sage.

I highly recommend this if you like Sun.

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20th Jun 2012 10:00

You don't indicate

the size or complexity of the accounting requirements.  If Sage has been OK up to now I guess that they are not TOO massive.

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to david wilks
20th Jun 2012 10:26

It's Oil and Gas

Richard Willis wrote:

the size or complexity of the accounting requirements.  If Sage has been OK up to now I guess that they are not TOO massive.

Richard - the likeliehood is that whilst not extremely complex, Oil and Gas is likely to have some more advanced requirements that need a good core financials solution rather than simple 'accounting software'. For instance correct allocation of costs to exploration and production and correct presentation of income and forecast production are key - Shell have been caught out on this even!

Whilst Sage has probably coped until now, reading between the lines the OP is clearly hitting some of the obvious boundaries Sage will imply.

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20th Jun 2012 12:35


Hi all - thanks for the tips. I'm looking a bit more into Aqilla - I looked at it in the early stages of my research but wrote it off as not being sophisticated enough/not relevant enough to oil and gas.

As Ben says, while the company is not complex or large, we do have some different requirements in terms of reporting to JV partners and to local governments under concession agreements. A basic accounting package isn't going to cut it. 

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20th Jun 2012 12:51


Ben, one more thing. I know software costs are a mysterious subject, but do you think you could give a ball park idea of how much you would expect Aqilla to cost to a) purchase? and b) implement?

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20th Jun 2012 14:25


I dont think costs need to be mysterious and the SaaS market is much more open to making subscription costs available publicly.

There are obviously going to be various factors which determine the ultimate price per user, such as level of access, reporting requirements etc. but I believe the standard Aqilla model is around £50-£60 per user per month. There is an initial set up cost which is a few hundred pounds. This tends to be the top end of the user licences too.

There is an extended reporting solution with Sharperlight which has a different pricing model but it is akin to Aqilla and well worth it too!

Implementation again will vary from project to project but I would suggest a basic configuration would be up to 10 days with a handful of reports, training and configuration.

As this is likely to be read by a myriad of companies/industries I have to caveat the above to say that this is based on my knowledge of Aqilla and the OP, and is not a one size fits all estimate for services. I strongly recommend you speak to Aqilla or one of their partners for a formal estimate and to get an exact picture of subscriptions.

Hope this helps.

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20th Jun 2012 14:50

I might owe you a beer

Thanks again bencooper. I've spoken with Hugh at Aqilla and am going to meet with him to discuss further. If it all works out we may both owe you a beer. 

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to Adam12345
20th Jun 2012 14:55

Glad I could help

Staropramen please....!

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21st Jun 2012 19:06

How about Pastel

I have in the past dealt with mining, tea and oil companies using Pastel in the UK and africa.

Pastel Partner is multi currency and using add ons and live excel links from


Viv Burrows


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04th Nov 2012 19:47

SunSystems Multicurrency
If you are still looking, we can help with a cost effective implementation. We currently have numerous clients , and continue to sell new SunSystems sites into similar situations as you have described. Please let me know if we can be of service to you

phil hemsley

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