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Accounts Office Reference


I need to submit PAYE end of year return for a client and have attempted to request online authorisation. However, I dont have the accounts office reference number - neither does the client.

Does any one know how I could obtain this.

Many Thanks


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Little Yellow Book

Does your client have the yellow 'Employer Payslip Booklet' issued by HMRC?  If so the accounts office reference is on the front cover in the top right hand corner.


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No Yellow Book

The client doesnt have the yellow book - misplaced it while moving premises!!!

I have searched the HMRC website, but there seems to be no guidance as to what to do in this situation.


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Assuming you have a 64-8 in place why not try calling HMRC.  I have on occasions rang them to get a clients PAYE reference.  My experience is that they will put it in writing and post it to your clients address within a few days.  See no reason why you couldn't request the accounts office reference this way if you explain what you want it for.

As ever good luck with the HMRC call centres !

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What documentation does your client use to pay his monthly PAYE payment. That should have the details on it so should the P35

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