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Accounts & tax software

Accounts & tax software

Has anyone thoughts on userfriendly bookkeeping, accounting and tax software= easy to use, export from accounts to tax, and efile.



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14th Feb 2012 08:12

Has to be VT & TaxCalc.

Has to be VT & TaxCalc.

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14th Feb 2012 09:11

I'm always pleased to

recommend Keytime. I've just received my renewal notification (for the fifth year) and always speak highly of this very friendly provider. The staff who I deal with are; personable, knowledgeable and efficient. Any software issues (which there are few of) are resolved extremely quickly.

Having previously been with one of the more arrogant providers, my move to Keytime, was a breath of fresh air.

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to kevinringer
14th Feb 2012 18:48

Until you mentioned the word arrogant, I have never thought of our provider as that but yes I would describe iris as arrogant. keytime is a lot cheaper as well but my boss won't switch

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14th Feb 2012 18:59

have tried several over the years

But am now with VT for bookkeeping and accounts, BTC for tax (personal and CT) and Moneysoft for payroll.

All are good value for money and any issues (which are few and far between) are quickly resolved.


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