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I'm led to believe that adding characters to search terms in a variety of places can make the search 'better'.

I can't find anything online... but then I obviously need to improve my searches!

I thought putting + before a search made it a precise search, and # at the start/end meant 'this could be be anything'


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Think you might need a *

Hi there

You dont say where you are searching.  Im no expert but search engines are so good these days I havent found the need for more than Key words.  Going from memory only though, I thought it was an asterix not a hash.

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It's more in general

Often I'm searching the internet/a forum/website/program and it drives me up the wall I can only go the most basic search (case in point, I searched the iXBRL list on IRIS for 'valuation'.  I don't want hits for 'revaluation').

Just curious :)

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If it's Google, see


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Think a search of *valuation* would find revaluation but a search of valuation would find valuation but havent used it for ages.


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~ means 'also find synonyms, * means 'fill the rest in for me'.


Btw, go to Google, put in 'Who's the cutest?' (without the ' ') and click 'I'm feeling lucky :)

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Don't do it at work!!!!!

Yeah, that's blocked on my work computer.

Note to self, never use the "I'm feeling lucky" button at work...

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Most search utilities worth their salt use regular expressions to set sort criteria. May I suggest the wikipedia page on this subject:

You might want to look at the posix and metacharacter sections towards the bottom.

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