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Am I alone?

Am I alone?

Not long ago HMRC online SA statements were rife with duplicated interest charges listed in the allocation of specific tax payments.

Irritating, but not critical.  The duplicated entries did not get counted in the total allocated payment.  It was just a formatting problem.

Most recent web update "corrected" this.  No longer do you get allocations showing duplicated interest.  Instead, any attempt to drill down to an payment part of which has been allocated to interest charges results in a standard error message displayed, to wit that HMRC is unable to display the allocation (or any part of it).

When I took this up with them I was informed that this is a known issue (really? how can it not be?) and that a fix is expected in October.  OCTOBER????

Personally I would prefer it if they rolled back the last update, which they could do immediately, and leave us with the duplicated interest charges, warts and all, and then correct THAT in October.

We routinely download client SA records to an offline database, from which to produce filtered reports for clients and internal purposes, for which purposes online web browsing is neither efficient nor flexible.  Having duplicated interest charges caused a minor headache with that, but we worked around it.  The latest fix creates almighty havoc.

Am I alone or does anyone else out there find this as irritating as I?  If sufficient numbers complain I speculate that HMRC might bring forward their planned fix.  But if I am alone I guess I will just have to suck it up.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood


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24th May 2012 15:53


Guess I am alone, then.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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