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And another guy down the pub told me...

And this guy told him he could claim 25% of his household expenses.

The guy is a builder and uses part of his spare room at home as his office.

Guy told him that he could do because he uses the electric in his office, (yer it must be so much!), and the washing liquid to clean his work clothes..blah blah..blah..


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is that all?

A guy down the pub near one of my clients told him he could claim his wifes season ticket to london for her PAYE job (well she is a minor shareholder) AND a family trip to the states plus business mileage at 40p for driving a hire car whilst over there! And he can claim any sort of food purchased Monday to Friday, resturant or supermarket its no odds, for him and his Mrs (who doesn't work for the company at all at the moment).

And got a bit shirty when I said he couldn't...and was only claiming what everyone else does.

I figured he knows some MP's

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No tax!

A chap in the pub who is afriend of my client told him that he earns £60,000 and his accountant puts everything through and his tax bill was only £100.

That was this morning, the other week a different client has a mate at the pub, never had to be vat registered, his accountant makes sure he puts everything through and he bought a house in cash!



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How much does he cost - just a pint

I was wondering if I could use the man in the pub to sort out my tax and reduce my PAYE. Does he charge a pint per session?

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claiming 100% house expenses

I once had a client who insisted that they should be able to claim 100% of power, rent etc for use of home as office. Apprently at a party they were mocked for not claiming 100%. The facts were that they used one room in their home as an office. I tried to point out that there was bound to be some private use and therefore 100% was untenable. Shortly afterwards they changed accountants and I never had to decide on the percentage, thank goodness.

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I wonder how these people get away with and it.and yes..i've heard the £60k a year and only £100 tax story..

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We should write a book !

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This reminded me of Street Accountants:





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I've seen this.....

ireallyshouldknowthisbut wrote:

This reminded me of Street Accountants:






It's brilliant

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ireallyshouldknowthisbut wrote:

This reminded me of Street Accountants:


I could spend all afternoon watching those videos but I have clients to an office of course...

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Street Accountants

That is brilliant 

I needed a good laugh, I might upload this on to my iPhone for when I get the next Numptie who comes out with the mate in the pub story and is giving this as reason not to pay his bill because he is paying to much tax. 

Just ask them to take a look and see If they are able to laugh at themselves.  




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£100 of tax

Maybe they are confusing their late filing penalty with their final tax assessment? :-)

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The best one I heard was 

The best one I heard was  that you were "supposed to" reduce your tax bill by separating the VAT receipt from the basic credit card receipt and putting it through petty cash, leaving the credit card receipt to support credit card payments! I got the message through by explaining that it would be equivalent to reducing your food bill by putting half your Tesco shop straight into your bag and bypassing the checkout.

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