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Another load of miss information

Another load of miss information

Ha, what a laugh.

Just tried ringing (Cumbernald) and all their advisers(!) are busy.

To me, they have shut up shop early and gone home.

What is the latest you have managed to contact them.

As a part timer (Self Employed), I can only conduct some enquiries on an evening and I am getting a little frustrated with HMRC and their opening times.

Anyone else noticed the reduction in HMRC manning hours that has not been made pubilc?

a bit like in last years budget and the mention of not sending out notice's to file a tax return.


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19th Jul 2012 07:37


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19th Jul 2012 09:08

I don't recall them ever working in the evenings

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19th Jul 2012 09:09

Generally i try and avoid all contact with

them if possible (given all of the online access it is possible to have) - and i am not sure that spending £millions on getting more staff to man the phones later into the evening is a vote winner in anybody's books, especially given the poor info you end up getting....

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19th Jul 2012 10:20

Our answerphone has taken calls in the evening

HMRC leave a message asking you to call back and it usually says they are open until 8pm.

As the message never tells you what they want to speak about I always wait for them to call in office hours.

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By K81
19th Jul 2012 10:20

I am ex-revenue employee.

Office staff hours are between 7am & 6pm (although if a switchboard is still being used phones will only be open from 8:30am - 5pm & 4:30pm on Fridays), this would include Cumbernauld & Shipley, although, historically, both of these offices opened until 8pm on Thursdays.


Contact centres are open until later in the evenings and Saturday mornings.

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