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Any opinions re CorTax?

Any opinions re CorTax?

I am currently looking at corporation tax software packages. The front runner at the moment is Solution 6's CorTax (partly because it links in with our other software, partly because it seems like a fairly comprehensive usable piece of software).
Juat wondered whether anyone had any opinions on it?
zoe brown


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23rd Aug 2004 12:31

Digita Co Tax Pro
You should definately have a look Digita's Co Tax Pro. It has a clear modern interface making it extremely easy to use and is VERY competetively priced! Digita have an excellent reputation in the Tax software marketplace and are backed by a support team which is second to none. Demo CD's are available or if required an on site visit can be arranged. For more details simply call 01395 270311 or visit

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20th Aug 2004 23:09

Sage Corporation Tax Solutions
Sage offer two corporation tax computation packages - the comprehensive Sage Corporation Tax Advanced (powered by Abacus) which is tax rich, easy to use, can be populated from both Sage final accounts packages but also using an automated data collection tool which can be given to customers to complete and imported back into the software. It suits both simple and complex computations alike and has a detailed tracking and administration facility attached to it through which all dates and deadlines can be monitored and reported upon. If the tax rich product is too comprehensive for your needs, we have just launched a 'Lite' version which is geared towards the higher volume of more simple computations but produces the same neat output and contains the tracking and administration facility also. To discuss your needs further please call 0845 111 11 11

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20th Aug 2004 09:58

Satisfied user
My firm has been using CorTax from Solution 6 for a few years now and find it to be ok. It is very good at what it does and any problems we've had with the software (few and far between) have been dealt with by their IT team fairly promptly. There are maybe a few areas where we might wish it to do more to make it even better but I don't think any of the competition would be any better.
It produces the CT600s and computations quite easily and also has the facility for a diary system to track payment and filing deadlines.
Overall, we're happy with it.

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