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Any software for Bookkeeping?

 Hi Everyone I have been using spreadsheets for the last 3 years for bookkeeping purpose, I was wondering if there is any access based software in the market for this purpose. I have previously used sage v14 for this but it takes too much time to input data and I think it is not meant for small sole traders with the cash sales. Any help will be highly appreciated.

From one expert's answer I realized my mistake that I have not mentioned that I am a newly qualified accounting technician and in the process of becoming AAT MIP soon and do this bookkeeping and p&l for my customers, And honestly I am bit nervous as well about my own practice you know first time phobia!!


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17th Nov 2009 14:39

VT is excellent for basic book-keeping - it has the ledgers, does bank reconciliations, etc. and is VERY quick for data entry and easy to adjust.

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17th Nov 2009 16:41

Another vote for VT

VT Transaction Plus is great!

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By Anonymous
17th Nov 2009 18:16

VT - again

I'll third that - VT is the answer.

Its very easy to use and makes bookkeeping quick and simple - we use it in-house and recommend it to clients. Much easier and quicker than spreadsheets.

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17th Nov 2009 22:11

Ask your accountant!

Does your accountant have a view on this?

If you pick a bookkeeping package that they do not know, then you may end up with problems and extra costs when it comes to delivering your books to them at year end.

Many accountants offer deals on bookkeeping software that they are happy with, and others have their own on-line offerings now.

Take a look at SaaS bookkeeping offerings as well, people like Kashflow, FreeAgent, and Xero.  Some will suit your business better than others - depending on what kind of business you are in.  (do you have stock? multi-currency needs? point-of-sale systems that need supporting?, and so on).

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By Anonymous
26th Nov 2009 10:35

Any Software for Bookkeeping

VT - best of the lot

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By az
26th Nov 2009 10:55




I honestly dont see why so many people insist on using sage. Its not user friendly and its not direct enough.

VT does everything you need and its easy and quick and you can pull off PLs, Balance sheets etc much easier. Backing up is never a problem also with VT as it automatically saves.

Its also excel based so you can transfer your books into accounts format with notes etc.

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26th Nov 2009 11:40

VT transaction+

Every time!!!!!!

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By ianlea
26th Nov 2009 11:42

Another Vote for VT

I'll stick with the VT support.  We've used it for the last 5 years and I would not choose anything else for small business book-keeping and accounting.  If you're preparing accounts for others, the full VT Accounts package is worth the investment.

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By Aimee
30th Nov 2009 10:36

Cashflow Manager

Have you tried cashflow manager? I know in my last job we used Cashflow Manager to do the VAT Returns for clients. It is quite a simple product to use and I think it may suit your business but it can be quite fiddly.



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By dnicoll
11th Dec 2009 16:58


I've been using VT for 5 years now, and VT transaction Plus since it was first released in Beta Version.  Absolutely superb bit of kit. Their accounts production software link from their book-keeping package is also excellent.  For the accounting professional, I wouldnt suggest anything else.


(Oh, and I've found them really helpful on the phone too - and you don't get trapped in interminable bleedin' menu options, none of which are any help, only to finally find a Sage 'rep' who wont answer your question without a huge fee).

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28th Oct 2011 12:16

Accounting software

Looks like there has been much support for VT. Are there any other options available apart from VT transaction plus or SAGE?

The Saas options look a bit interesting as well. But are there many takers for these Saas based solutions at this time. Saas based solutions are nevertheless the future of bookkeeping software.




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