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Anyone else with delays in HMRC email acknowledgements?

One return was submitted around 5pm yesterday, and one from this morning. Although we've got the software confirmation of successful filing, we haven't received the usual HMRC email.

Also, I've just checked the online status for several clients who say they have sent payment in the last few days by online BACS/FPS and none of these are showing as yet. I know it does sometimes take a few days to update the online client record, but one of these was made nearly a week ago so seems to be taking longer than usual.


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HMRC system

is only showing as updated to either 28/1 or 29/1

For 29/1 it says the return is received but has not updated for the liability

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hmrc emails

I have had no email receipts today at all, was starting to think my email was playing up, I would imagine they are diverting system resources for the mad final rush,...what fun !

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Email receipts

are arriving OK here and almost as soon as the software says the submission has succeeded.

IIRC emails are proof of little. The software confirmation should include the codes to enable HMRC to track down a submission if something goes awry

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Problems here too. I think you're not alone.

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OK last night and this afternoon

I have filed SA returns online by two different systems this past 24 hours and both were quickly acknowledged by eMail.


(1) Evening of 29th Jan - using Fastax software

(2) Afternoon of 30th Jan - using Sage Personal Tax filing (FBI)


Perhaps those who have NOT received eMails could state which software that they are using, I do wonder if it is a software-product-specific issue.


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Here's a "secret"

An unpublished method of finding out straightaway if a Tax Return filing has reached HMRC is to view client details from an Agent's client list.

I call it the "traffic light" system - as there are three messages...

What I call "red" - message says no SA return received

What I call "amber" - message says Tax Return can be amended

What I call "green" - message says Tax Return received on a specific date

I find that the "amber" message appears within minutes of a filing

then, next day, the "green" message appears.

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no emails at all

Filed about 20 today using Iris... All accepted per iris software but no Emails from HMRC!!

The joys of Janaury... we have killed the software!

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No - we haven't

We have had email acknowledgements as normal - we use BTC.

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I use BTC and haven't had any email confirmations for the 8 Returns sent in today

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I like your secret

DMGbus! Just tried it and so far so good.

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No emails here either

DMGbus thanks for your top tip - such fun !

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I have viewed our client 'list' on HMRC website, and all clients are coloured green, though we know some have not been sent. Specifically, where do we look please?

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I am in the same situation

tugwilson wrote:

I have viewed our client 'list' on HMRC website, and all clients are coloured green, though we know some have not been sent. Specifically, where do we look please?

Same with me. There wasn't much of an explanation regarding the "traffic light system" so it seems like it was a joke! I don't see why AccountingWeb are repeating it.

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Not getting emails for PAYE either ...

... only getting email confirmations for VAT returns. Does anyone know if this is a permanent HMRC change?

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No email confirmations

Even outside the SA rush, the usual email confirmations for CT seem to have dried up. Will describe the issue and send an email to our Working Together group to see if we can receive an update on the situation from HMRC.

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Traffic lights

Presumably this is referring to the message that you see on the first page you get to after clicking on a client name from the Client List for the particular tax?

The page is headed "Your Current Client" and I presume that the message being referred to is the top left box that reads something like:

"File a return for YYYY-YY

Tax year ending 05 Apr 20YY.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) received your tax return on dd Mmm yyyy.

You can file or amend your tax return using commercial software."

with the "red", "amber" or "green" message being the paragraph as above. It'll always be coloured green, but the content is your indicator as the the "traffic light" state.

All emails received here, but as before so far as I am aware they are proof of little. It is the response from your third party SA software that gives the conclusive proof along with a code that allows HMRC Online Help to trace the return

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I have spoken to HMRC ...

... online services helpdesk who say it is a known issue their end. So HMRC should update their service issues page and save us and them a lot of wasted phone calls. They do not have a timescale for fixing the problem nor know if the backlog of confirmation emails will be dispatched.

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Traffic lights?

"with the "red", "amber" or "green" message being the paragraph as above. It'll always be coloured green, but the content is your indicator as the the "traffic light" state."

What does this mean?

Are you saying that there's no coloured messages and there is information provided? If that's the case I see no merit in talking about traffic lights or red, amber and green.

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What traffic lights?

I'm part of the 5% of the population that is colour blind and was not aware that the messages were in different colours. It would be more useful if HMRC would let us filter the list of clients by tax return state. This will help us weed out ex-clients that we'll all want to remove before agent view comes into force.

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There is no traffic light

The term is merely used as a metaphor.

If the HMRC Online message says:

no SA return received - you are at a red light and nothing has hit the Government GatewayTax Return can be amended - the light is amber, so the return has been received at the Gateway, but HMRC Online has not been updated with the detailsTax Return received on a specific date - you have a green light, the return has got through the gateway, and HMRC Online is updated and shows the return as received on the specified date

At least that is how I have interpreted DMGbus' post. Perhaps that's not what he meant at all, and as all my returns are in and registered as such they are at the "green light" and I cannot check.

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Not reverse?

Surely the green should mean you have to go and do something while the red means you should stop!

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How about

Red - as warning to stop & think that the return has not been received by HMRC

Amber - proceed with caution, it looks like it has made it but the HMRC systems have not fully updated to confirm that; and

Green - Carry on with not a care in the world. The return was received and processed through the Gateway and HMRC Online confirms that

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