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Apologies if this is a silly P11D question

Apologies if this is a silly P11D question

Apologies if this is a silly question, but why is there a 'made good' declaration box for some BIK's on P11D and not for others - I'm looking particularly at the living accommodation BIK where there is no box to declare any amount made good .


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06th Jul 2012 09:29

Different calculation method

For living accomodation, the employee contributions is taken into account when calculating the benefit, so there wouldn't be anything 'made good'.

For the other benefits, you work out the benefit charge and then declare anything that has been made good.

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06th Jul 2012 09:43

..... any logic to explain why there should be one approach for reporting some BIK's and a different disclosure for others ?     

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14th Jul 2012 21:20

Living accomodation

No "made good" amount to be used for the living accommodation benefit, please see below calculation from GTax P11D Calculation

The equivalence of the "made good" figure is the percentage of rent paid by the employee.



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