Application for Payment

Application for Payment

I have recently acquired an air conditioning installation company who have only just set up but needs to provide Applications for Payment, does anybody have a template they wouldn't mind sharing or know of a fairly cheap and simple package that could be used?


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13th Jun 2012 14:03

Do you mean an invoice???

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13th Jun 2012 14:52

Application for Payment is really a Proforma Invoice

Most book-keeping packages have invoice options. You would use the "proforma" option and if the customer pays, then you send them a full VAT invoice. If they don't pay then the proforma is not a real invoice, just, as you call it, an application for payment.

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13th Jun 2012 18:47

Application for payment

I presume that this is for contracts in the building trade.

This is a sample layout




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By zebaa
14th Jun 2012 00:57


My guess is that this is from a US contracting sorce, given the $.  Also the bit about ' I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct and that this declaration was subscribed at' might ring true on the other side of the Atlantic, but used here, may give puzzled looks.


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