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Apps: December phone and tablet round-up

We're putting together another smartphone and tablet app round-up blog for December.

We have a few apps so far, but were wondering what AccountingWEB members' best apps of the past month were?

We'll then take suggestions and review them for the blog. 


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Set it up soley for free calls and text to son in Australia.

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BBM7 is now im beta for testing.  it gives one the option to call other BBM users over wifi for free.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Just been released on the Apple App Store and is a classic!

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didnt know vice city was availalbe

lost my late teens early 20's to vice city. brilliant.

Football manager 2012 is also a must have.

Cant help but think however I've missed the point here and I should really be mentioning VAT calculators or exchange rate apps.

So just to keep things in order I do like XE currency, Salary Calc and Calc VAT

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