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Are goodwill and training covered by the first year capital allowance in a LTD?

I know most capital items (apart from cars) are covered by the first year capital allowances in a small LTD; does this include goodwill?

What about training?


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Goodwill is not plant & machinery, nor indeed any other type of asset qualifying for capital allowances.

As for training, again no (training is usually a revenue cost in any case). I suppose that if one were to capitalise training as an essential part of the cost of installing new plant, it might be eligible for allowances, but such instances should be rare.


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So is Goodwill


So can Goodwill be offset against income in any way for CT?

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Goodwill - it depends

On when it was created and by whom. Without going into detail, if it was created after 31 March 2002, or acquired from an unrelated party after that date, you will be able to claim a deduction for its amortisation. But in reality it is more complicated than that, so you should seek comprehensive advice, rather than relying on answers here.


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