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Are HMRC getting worse?

Are HMRC getting worse?

I received a letter today (04/07/12) which was dated 03/05/12!


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04th Jul 2012 16:50


I received a letter last week dated 12th March in response to my original letter of 15th May.

Another letter from HMRC referred to a taxpayer name not at all related to my client, but we got the gist of it. That letter was posted long after it was dated and gave us 10 days to reply. Their interest calculation was wrong and so it goes on and on..................

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By ACDWebb
04th Jul 2012 17:04

You should

report all these things to your AAM, or the local Working Together group if you have one.

I understood from a meeting in May that the causes of these problems were being addressed. Apparently not, or at least the answer has yet to be implimented

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04th Jul 2012 19:37

I had one

last year relating to a local chamber of trade. I replied smartly and have had neither acknowledgement nor further correspondence since. Not that I'm complaining but I wonder if that's the end of it.....

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