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Audit Exemption

Audit Exemption

BIS published a consultation document in October on audit exemptions.  One proposal is that a company will qualify for audit exemption if it meets 2 out of the 3 tests of bs £3.26m, t/o £6.5m and <50 employees.  It will no longer have to have a turnover of <£6m AND a bs total of <£3.2m to qualify.  (nb these thresholds may go up too)

So my potential client with a bs of £6m but turnover and employees well under these thresholds will no longer need an audit if this comes in.

I don't think this has been agreed yet, but does anyone know when it is likely to be decided?


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20th Mar 2012 14:43

Still under consultation

To the best of my knowledge

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By blok
20th Mar 2012 15:01


about time too.

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