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AVN Network

AVN Network

I am soon to attend an AVN seminar, just wonder if anyone has experience of the AVN group and their thoughts


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By Anonymous
04th Jun 2008 15:36

I attended the seminar yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism. It certainly was much better than I expected. Not sure it has anything to do with lacking confidence rather offers professional assistance for tax planning strategy and implementation. Some of the ideas certainly made me think about how proactively my clients are served. A very interesting day.

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03rd Jun 2008 07:22

If you lack confidence.. bite the bullet and set up entirely on your own then AVN do offer you considerable support. It all comes at a cost of course.

I have spoken to a few AVN members and they all seemed very happy with the deal. But when they told me the cost I was quite taken aback. Particularly when I found setting up in practice pretty easy. Also, don't think you get much in the way of referrals from them. It is more about support than being provided with leads.

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By Anonymous
02nd Jun 2008 19:07

Second hand experience
A friend of mine used to work in a practice that was part of the AVN.
He had a company car which had the AVN logo - I always thought he was an electrician, as did most other people! I got the feeling the AVN are OK if you want to promote a forward thinking modern practice, maybe a bit hard sell. He couldnt really fault them. Depends what you want from your business.

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18th Nov 2010 13:04

Advanced aggressive tax avoidance

I was at a (the?) meeting two days ago.

I get the impression that AVN will enable me to offer my clients advanced aggressive tax avoidance - ensuring that no client will ever pay more than a marginal tax rate of 21%.

This looks very attractive.

But the price is £7200 per annum.

I signed up, but only because they make a very generous money back offer.   I am a sceptic.

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18th Nov 2010 13:21

Just did not appeal to me

I attended their seminar about a year ago. It just did not appeal to me. Their videos and their overall  approach not for me.



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