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Avoiding recruitment agency fees?

I work with a few companies mentoring and advising on finance.  One of the companies that I work with is looking to recruit and would like to - initially at first anyway - avoid the usual recruitment agency fees.  It's been a while since I've advertised for an accountancy job so I'd be interested to hear from members where they think the best places to look (and thus advertise) are these days.  It's for a senior accounting position in a commercial SME.

Clearly word of mouth is the best route but I'd like to know what recruitment sites are the ones to go to these days.

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Total Jobs

Both have given me very good results but be prepared to filter as you will get a lot of dross as well

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Also ...

In addition to Steve's suggestions, try

I think that you can post vacancies on each of these sites for less than a couple of hundred pounds.

Also, have a  look at using LinkedIn - even if it is just posting a link or message on your own profile or doing a search for potential candidates (this would be free, other than your time).


This is an interesting post for me.  I am on the other side of the fence looking for an FD/FD designate role in an SME and wondering how these companies recruit -  I am assuming that most SME's don't want to pay £10k - £15k in recruitment fees !

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Avoiding recruitment agency fees?
I've recently found this site - It looks like companies don't pay anything for
recruiting contractors!


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As an update:

I've placed ads on the ICAEW website and on GAAPjobs.  Within 4 days I've had c.30 applications of what look like decent quality.

It's also attracted a lot of calls and emails from agencies fishing for the work as well though so we're having to be pretty straight in batting them off.

Thanks for the recommendations.

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