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AWeb site - email note re other responses

AWeb site - email note re other responses

Does anyone know why if when posting a reply to Any Answers & the "Notify of other answers" is left at Y I seem to get nothing followed by a great splurge of notifications about a week to 10 days after the event?

Not really bothered, just interested as to why my In Box suddenly gets filled every so often rather than the notifications coming daily as they used too?
Alan Webb


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By ACDWebb
23rd Jun 2005 11:42

Yes its been for a whil
Looks like whoever it was at AWeb was looking into this has pressed the right buttons now.

I presume whatever was supposed to check and send daily got set to a longer delay somewhere along the line

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23rd Jun 2005 11:05

I think we can conclude its them rather than us?

I hope this gets a quick fix, although the fact that I did get e-mails concerning the other postings on this thread is hopeful.

It would be nice to have some sort of explanation though.

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By Anonymous
22nd Jun 2005 19:15

Sorry, don't know...
I don't know why, but it is a bit of a pain.
It all started when we got that blasted Bank of Scotland green monstrosity!

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23rd Jun 2005 00:04

Sorry - don't know either...
Maybe someone's on holiday?

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23rd Jun 2005 00:14

Problem for some time
This is certainly happening to me (today I got 31 replies in my inbox some dating back to 8th June) and it causes a problem where someone reponds to your reply but you remain blissfully unaware of it. They then think you are being awfully rude.

I have taken this up with the editorial team but they simply say they will attend to it - is it affecting everyone, or only some of us? Why is it happening? I use hotmail to monitor my e-mail on line - is this why? I am also a mac user does this affect it?

Thank God I now know I'm not alone.

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23rd Jun 2005 00:34

Further Info
I use Outlook to manage my email on a PC, and I have the same problem (no messages for ages then sudenly, rather like a London Bus, they all arrive at once (including long overdue ones, which happened on Wednesday 22 June).

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By neileg
23rd Jun 2005 09:35

Happening to me, too
We have a corporate e-mail server (Fujitsu Team Office) and I have the same problem. I think the evidence suggests it's nothing to do with user email accounts and everything to do with Accounting Web.

I find it worse than useless and I'm turining off the email notification.

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23rd Jun 2005 08:39

It happens with Windows/Gmail too
It's not just Macs and Hotmail; it happens to me with Windows and Gmail. I questioned AWeb and was told they knew about it and were working on it.

To anyone who has responded to any of my questions, thank you.

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