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Bank interest

Bank interest

Does anybody know of a program which will calculate interest based on the following:
1) Base rate with date changes occurred
2) Statement balances each day
3) Rate applied varying either based on base rate or it could be a fixed rate
4) Time for cheques to clear
5) Interest calculated simple or compound with stated account period rests

I have used until now a very simple and effective program (not Y2K compliant) called "INTERCAL" by Speedsoft, address: Alena House,Bridge Street, Gt Kimble, Bucks HP17 9TN. There is no such company now at that address, they appear to have disappeared. Any help would be appreciated.

Torben Houlberg FCA


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15th Sep 1999 09:18

Can do your interest calculations
API Software are specialists in the development of custom software for the financial services sector and would be willing to quickly develop a powerful little application to undertake these tasks if you care to contact us.

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By Anonymous
20th Sep 1999 16:20

Microsoft Excel
Looks to me as if it should be possible to set up calculators using the inbuilt functions available in MS Excel.

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16th Jun 2010 12:35


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