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Basic Payroll System?

I need to recommend a basic Payroll system that is simple to use. There are only a handful of employees. Can anyone suggest tried and tested candidates please? Also, what are the decision criteria in the selection process?

Many thanks.
Roger Nilsson


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Simple to use - and free add-on to registered users deals with P14 and P60

Excel based and cost about £30

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It has to be Moneysoft
Value for money
ease of use
support service second to none
prints "plain paper" wage slips - another expense spared.

Anything I've missed?

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Have a Look at Calc pay, www.calcpay.co.uk. You can download and use the program for 4 payroll runs. Excellent product excellent support

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I agree
Moneysoft wins hands down, on price, ease of use, helps screens, and if all else fails (and you'd have to be very unlucky because it's so easy and reliable) the best helpline in the business.

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Basic Payroll System
I'd go for Q-Tac any day.

It's intuitive, and the help line actually do help. They don't treat you like an idiot for not understanding machine code, and they do understand payroll.

My decision criteria is the comments of someone who uses it in this practice. "If you had stuck with (you can guess who) then I was all for leaving in April"

More seriously, a pricing structure that is flexible, based on the number of employees, either stand alone or networked, and it produces plain paper payslips and calculates on either net to gross or gross to net all make it my preferred option. The facility to re-process a single employee in a past period and just run the reports is pretty useful too, especially if the boss forgets to tell you that Joe had a pay rise three weeks ago but you haven't processed it.


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Great value!

Quite simply the best piece of software I own!!

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Employers CD ROM
For a handful of employees and a straightforward payroll, you could consider the Employers CD ROM from HMRC. Basically you just use the P11 form with save option. It's free.

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Definitely NOT TAS
Whilst TAS is fairly easy to use and well presented it is now of course owned by SAGE. Buy a single company 15 employee version for £100 and you think it is a bit on the dear-side but ok.

After your 30 days free support are up though you find out they want another £100 for you to be able to file online and update your software.
They don't seem to have a clue that it would be better to get a company to do your payroll for you at those prices.Certainly not worth buying at all.

I will probably buy Moneysoft when TAS proves completely useless - of course if SAGE haven't bought it in the meantime. Buying out competitors is far more popular with this company than providing proper customer service and value for money.

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qtac for me
we use qtac
the help is really great and the software good too

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I agree with other comments. Moneysoft is an easy system with good quick support if you ever need it. There are also regular free updates to the sotware! I tried three or four other packages before I made my decision and Moneysoft was better than all of them, including Sage Payroll.

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Online Payroll
I think The Payroll Site is ideally suited to this situation, but I have to admit I have a vested interest (I'm one of the directors).


It would cost your client £5/month + VAT, including support and electronic year end submission. It is accessed via a web browser, so there is no software to install or upgrade.

There is a free trial, so you can check it out before you decide whether to recommend it.

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Money soft: Any lay man can use it. You hardly need any support as the software is very user friendly. I had used TAS in the past. The initial price was reasonable at the time, but the annual upgrade and support had gone up by almost twice over the last four years.

D Samson

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