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BCT CT Software

BCT CT Software

Downloaded the trial to evaluate BTC CT Solution Express 2010 since it was recommended by VT Software (VT is by far the best product I have used, so if BTC is recommended by VT I'm assuming it's pretty good & value for money).   I can't find a Deferred Tax calc anywhere in CT Solution Express, was wondering if this is included in the slightly more expensive CT Solution 2010 product?   Was comparing against Taxcalc (which does have Deferred Tax calculator), but can't evaluate since there is no trial (although I used the SA package & liked the feel of it).   

Don't see the point in buying a tax package that doesn't have deferred tax - any thoughts on BTC or Taxcalc when using VT Final Accounts?



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16th May 2011 20:56

i have been looking at this in a lot of packages

its not in the  express version but is the next one up , so you pay for what you get,  if you want DT trade up .


i have been looking for a DT calculator and reconciliation spreadsheet on the net but cant find one that fits

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By thacca
17th May 2011 10:31

Does it need it.

Deferred Tax is an accounting issue not really a tax one so I wouldn't expect to see it in tax software.

(NBV - WDV) * tax rate. Do you really need software for that?

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18th May 2011 09:43

Which BTC CT Product
In broad terms as producers of Taxation Software we agree with thacca’s view that Deferred Tax is an accounting issue. However, as has been mentioned, our comprehensive corporation tax product, CT Solution, has always included a deferred tax calculator together with a  tax proof/reconciliation schedule. Our simplified corporation tax product, BTC CT Solution Express was created in response to users who were telling us that they wanted a product that would simply calculate a company’s corporation tax liability and seamlessly produce the corresponding Corporation tax return that could then be filed on-line. Typically users who were calling for this product were not asking for additional features such as a deferred tax calculator and hence our deliberate two-tiered approach came about. However, we continually listen to users, indeed actively solicit their requests for enhancements, and should more CT Solution Express users appear to be asking for a deferred tax calculator it is certainly something that we would consider adding.

-- Andrew Ross BTCSoftware

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By irnbru
18th May 2011 13:57


Many thanks for responses received.

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