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being self employed

being self employed

I have been offered a job as managers assistant in a local hair salon. I will also work some of my hours as a hairdresser.

I will choose the hours that i work and the days off that i have. Can i work as self employed?


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25th Feb 2013 21:18

They offered you a job ...

This usually means paid employment. Do they want you to be self-employed, or is self-employment something you want, but hasn't been offered?

Overall, not a very good idea from the salons point of view, and you would not have any of the protection normally given to employees.

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26th Feb 2013 09:39

thank you for your reply. they offered me self employment. I understand that I am liable to pay .ni and tax and do.nt get paid sickness etc but is it legal for me to take this job with a self employed status?

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26th Feb 2013 10:00

Yes, it's legal

It is the salon that is at risk, as HMRC may deem you to be employed, and then the salon will be liable for the PAYE/NI that should have been deducted.

You will be required to keep good records of your income & expenditure. A good starting point for information is here ....


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26th Feb 2013 10:06

thank you so much for your help

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26th Feb 2013 10:12

oops sorry one more question...

how do i show my income - are regular deposits made into my bank account enough?

thanks in advance!

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26th Feb 2013 10:17

Ideally ...

You will invoice the salon, and have them pay into a bank account kept purely for your self-employment.

If you research the HMRC site you will find their ideal requirements for record keeping. Good records doesn't take much time once you are in a routine, and can help prevent future problems.

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26th Feb 2013 10:23

As self employed . . .

You should be invoicing the salon.

You will be liable for tax on the work you have done in the year, not on the amount paid into your bank account in the year. You might think this is the same. However let's say your year-end is 31 March and at the end of that month you invoice the salon for all the work you have done in March. You might not get paid for it until April, but it is still income earned in the year to 31 March.

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26th Feb 2013 13:09

Thanks shirley and andy for all your help

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