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Best Pub Accounting Software

Best Pub Accounting Software


Im looking for the best software for my pub, I need to be able to balance on a week by week basis as all sales are cash/credit card and budget is a consideration so cheapest (or free!) software is best.

I have looked at Moneysoft and Solar Accounts, which both seem quite good, Solar Accounts seeming particularly user friendly.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,



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29th Mar 2010 22:24

Excel spreadsheets

Hi Jess

I have clients who own pubs who do their week-by-week accounts on a spreadsheet. There is also a free program called TAS Basics (TAS is owned by Sage so it looks very similar).

I've used Moneysoft for payroll but not accounts.



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01st Dec 2010 15:51

Solar Accounts - discounts available

There are discount links for Solar Accounts, e.g.:

which gives you 10% and you still get the 90 free trial to ensure it's right for you.

For simple book-keeping and accounts, it's ideal. The above link gives lots of further details. Personally, I much prefer proper on-your-computer software to online accounting, where you are at the mercy of connections, third party suppliers etc. Also Solar Accounts is trivial to backup, can be used on multiple PCs and supports multiple companies...



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01st Dec 2010 15:57
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