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Best Software For Restaurant Software

Best Software For Restaurant Software

I work full time for a restaurant group comprising three separate restaurants. We are in the process of moving from manual to computerised & I would be eager to know fellow members advice on the most suitable software. Needs to be user friendly with good reporting functions and possibly back-up support as well. Any advice or sugggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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22nd Jan 2013 15:14


for not writing 'comprising of'.  If you had I am afraid you would have to have been sent to be an Estate Agent!

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By gcon
22nd Jan 2013 15:20

Thanks Richard. Maybe it would have been an easier life!!

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23rd Jan 2013 17:01

Free plug for a friend...


They offer a scalable cloud-based solution for the hospitality industry.

Let me know what you think!

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25th Jan 2013 11:43

Perfect Solution for you

We are a fun accounting company that specialises in the restaurant sector and can help you with your transition. We are based in the heart of Covent Garden, London and already support many multi-site restaurants.

Our ethos is that we provide individually tailored solutions to each client by working with them to understand their business. Moving to a computerised system can be stressful and can impact on current operations however we can support you through the process. We offer a broad range of services from the daily transaction management, weekly/monthly reporting and consultancy services.

Take a look at our website at www.etchospitality.com and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions

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By nnikoff
07th Sep 2013 17:23

Self ordering system - Order Wizard

If you are looking for restaurant software you can take a look at Order Wizard: http://www.orderwizard.mobi

It is self ordering system for restaurants and clients can order and pay while sitting at the table from their smartphones.
There are mobile apps for Android and iPhone

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