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Best technical Any Answers thread of the year

Here's our second category for the AccountingWEB community awards. 

We're now looking for nominees for the most useful technical Any Answers thread - which thread or post did you find the most helpful this year? 

Post a link below and the username of the OP and if you agree with any of the nominations, click 'thanks' to cast your vote. 

We'll be announcing the winner in our Xmas news wire and will be posting further threads like this for different categories. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all! 


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well why hasnt this been answered before i wonder

S Kesby primarily for his added links

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I’m sure the usual (and also deserving) names will get a mention. But to throw another name in I would like to mention Merlyn for his expertise in R&D.  

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This thread

Gets my nomination. We are looking for a thread rather than a person aren't we?

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