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Can anyone tell me why it is still worthwhile getting out off bed and going to work each day ?  Alastair Darling is certainly making it harder and harder to answer that quesion. 

I still do it - but I'm beginning to feel like a total mug.

Perhaps Simon Sweetman or Richard Murphy from the "Hang 'em and Flog 'em" high tax brigade can tell us how paying ever more money to the state will motivate an ever diminishing number of workers to keep going ?  Or is that merely another bedtime story ?    


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10th Dec 2009 17:10

Chin up

It is better to go out and work for a living to be the best you can be, for self achievement, to help others, to make money and so on and so on.

You will never get any help from this government -  they are lying, thieving cheats.  Treat them for what they are and consider them an additional challenge to overcome.  Do it despite of them not because of them.

You may feel like a mug as that is what hard working, honest taxpayers are treated as but at least you can look yourself in the mirror in the mornings.



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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 19:21

Communism is dead - long live communism

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By Anonymous
10th Dec 2009 18:47

i think i will go back to bed

you cant even have a rant on AW without some ***** giving off ! lol

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10th Dec 2009 22:06

Moan Moan Moan

Some observations:

At a selfish level, long live all governments who chop & change legislation to the tune of PR, short-termism, knee jerk, self interest & correcting the last mistake or blind alley, this is our (accountants) bread & butter. If tax & accounting legislation was easy, long term & boring, we’d be out of a job.

The government?? Do you really think the next lot will be any better, will long-term power not corrupt them as well, no matter how well meaning they are and how stale the last lot are? I got through 2 bottles of champers & danced up the street 1 May 1997, it was my VE day after that dreadful woman and her team of jellies.

The best leaders and visionaries are created out of strife and oppression because they mobilise the community to act for the common good, ie making self-sacrifice a necessity rather than a weakness and I include the pure spirits of communism, Irish republicanism and even some of the awful stuff being thrown at our troops at the moment. I also include the women and men who died to ensure we all had a say in how it all works.  The "what's the point?", stay at home moaning, celeb or status obsessed majority are an insult to their memory and have no right to moan about anything other than whoever last left X factor.

The answer? Find a cause or passion and say or even do something, “mess with people” it will give you a reason to get up tomorrow and you may make a difference.....OR....if that all sounds a bit too much, start the next tax return.

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11th Dec 2009 08:29

Half a loaf

A common whinge of people when you tell them their tax bill.  They (and you) don't seem to get the concept that if you earn an extra £1 you receive 72p of it.  That's the lowest marginal rate of being taxed that I can remember. Even following the projected rise in April 2011, you get to keep 71p.  My usual line is to offer to save them some tax by charging them an extra £1,000 for their Return.

Pushing clients into voluntary Flat Rate VAT registration on turnover of say £50K, saves them £2K for pushing paper around.  "But it'll be taxable, so is it worth it?" is a regular response.

72% of a loaf (or even 59% of a loaf if you're in the top 20% paying Higher Rate tax) is better than no bread.

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By Anonymous
11th Dec 2009 09:01

Oh no, the next Bob Harper

Do they make Primark clothing during quiet periods?

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11th Dec 2009 11:22

re bob harper

I have deleted my comment as clearly you did not share my sense of humour and I have no wish to upset you. 

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By Anonymous
11th Dec 2009 11:27

Different people Al

I made the Bob Harper reference (and I am not Bob).

I wasn't offended at all and I suspect Neileg was commenting because you presented an open goal.

Personally I would always seek to aid the regional multiplier in my own region (when in times of trouble) rather than export but it's a free Society just please don't hijack every bl00dy thread with an advert for your (Indian) service!! Pretty please!!

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11th Dec 2009 11:54

Different people

I apologise for hijacking the thread - that was not my intention as I said above merely to bring some sunshine into your life.  Having deleted the thread I was slightly surprised at the strength and tone of the comment by you and disappointed you felt the need to post anonomously.  Since setting up my outsourcing business I have discovered an amazing amount of ignorance - it comes from India therefore must be fraudulent, incompetent etc.  As a country we export circa 25% of our GDP but I do not hear complaints when we export.  Enough of the rant.  I have a f file to review!

Best wishes

Alan Kennedy

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By Anonymous
11th Dec 2009 12:23

Sort of apology for being anonymous!

There was no assumption of any lack of ability at all.

My radar blipped at your post on two counts;

1) You are in business to make money and you are seeking to maximise profit by using staff who probably don't get any share of your (larger) profit. You doubtless charge a rate more comparable to the UK than India but pay your staff at Indian rates. That's against my own moral code (although I apologise if your staff receive a wage that is a similar %age of your charge to those operating in the UK).

2) When the UK is struggling and there are people in the UK crying out for work it seems a shame to export work - however competent your staff may be.

It has nothing to do with the nationality of your work-force but a general unease at what has the potential to be exploitation.

Would you be able to confirm that your Indian workers receive a wage which is a similar cost percentage of your charge to workers in the UK doing similar work?

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11th Dec 2009 12:27


Whether people agree with him or not and whether he insults people or not at least Alan uses his name.  Your comments, worthwhile or not are diminished by not carrying yours.

Go on if you want to mess with people at least let us know who you are or risk being ignored.

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11th Dec 2009 14:56

funny that paul

i had youdown as an avid maggie supporter, she id all the thins you suggested  .. and maybe a few more as well!  i take it yu wont be at her state funeral

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11th Dec 2009 15:29

cunning that carnmores

Had a moments panic for a sec......I said the best leaders & visionaries are created out of strife and oppression, not are those who cause it.  Maggie's (blimey what a state) funeral?  No, doubt it, the 2 spare bottles I bought 1.5.97 would be warm by the time I got there.

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11th Dec 2009 15:58

My ethics

Anon states there was no assumption of any lack of ability at all yet if my staff are as good as his subcontractors he could use my firms then give the money he saved to charity.  There is a chuch in Ahmedabad that is trying to set up an orphage for the street children if he wants a worthy cause.

As regards whether I pay my staff english rates or Indian rates he has grossly oversimplified the issue because (i) my competitors are not charging English rates I would go bust if I paid English rates (ii) the living costs are not the same in India.  I am extremely comfortable with my ethical stance but I suggest that anon phones my staff on 0208 819 3982 and ask to speak to Ravi Kurani.  He will then introduce you to Shailendra and mubin.  They spent four, six and six years working in the UK so they are very well qualified to say whether I am being fair.  There are two other staff in the office and he is also welcome to speak to them.

Alternatively if anon would like to be fair to my staff he can employ them directly and pay them English rates - I do not have a problem with that and he would be doing his bit for third world poverty.  The comment about people struggling in the UK is interesting but I can assure him that they are struggling much more in India.  Perhaps we are struggling because we do not embrace the opportunities offered by international trade. 

Finally if anon is afraid of publicity he can contact me directly via www.smithkennedy.co.uk.  or via 0845 257 6246.

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11th Dec 2009 18:35


what about the winter of discontent... crisis what crisis (never actually utterre by Callaghan)  they really were the bad old days

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11th Dec 2009 23:12


Indeed they were, candles in the office, and your point?

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