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Cadbury Scrip Dividends

Cadbury Scrip Dividends

I have a client who sold her Cadbury shares as part of the Kraft takeover.  Over many years she has acquired shares in the company as a result of taking scrip dividends. I assume that the effective dividend value establishes the base cost of the shares for CGT purpose.  Can anyone tell me where I can find the values of scrip dividends between 1983 and 1997? Also, does the total shareholding form one pool for cost and disposal purposes?  Many thanks in advance.


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By Guest1
18th Nov 2010 10:27

Have you had a look

here? http://www.kraftfoodscompany.com/Investor/cadburyinvestors.aspx

Hope it helps.

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18th Nov 2010 12:30

I did but .......

Many thanks for that.

I spent hours on the various Cadbury/Kraft web pages, but obviously missed the one that mattered.

Next stop Specsavers!!

Thanks again.

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