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Calling all honorary treasurers

Calling all honorary treasurers

If you are an honorary treasurer, or an 'auditor' of a voluntary group, you might want to read THIS ITEM in the Money Laundering & Crime discussion group!



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By skhan
30th Oct 2011 09:23

Honorary Treasurer

This was very sad. Trust was breached.

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31st Oct 2011 12:59

inherited deficit

As Chairperson and treasurer my Friend and I inherited a deficit of almost £600 in a small competitive club. 2 years later we were in surplus by almost £12,000. NO material differences in costs fees numbers. We briefly looked at previous treasuers work and noted that subs were lodged in 1 lump sum with no deatils of who had paid. We had 150 kids but only 120 had apparently paid in each of the previous years .It left a very bad taste but we felt that we could not prove anything and let the matter drop. It was awkward when we were asked at the AGMabout the surplus. 

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