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Can a minor be a shareholder?

Can a minor be a shareholder?

I have trawled Companies House, Companies Act, etc but cannot find anything to say that minors cannot be shareholders.  So presumably they can, and can earn dividends in their own right?

Client says he used to have shares in his father's company, but does not know why and if he earned anything from it.


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16th Mar 2012 10:17


Minors can legally be shareholders - although it is more usual for the shares to be held by an adult until they reach their majority.


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17th Mar 2012 20:57

If the shares are a gift income taxed on parent
If the shares are gifted from the parent then I believe the dividends would be taxed on the parent (unless it was less than £100).

Lots of alternatives to this - what are you trying to achieve?

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19th Mar 2012 17:21

No end result sought

Thanks for replies.  It was a discussion at a meeting, when someone said he thought he had shares in his name as a child, but never saw any dividends.  I undertook to find out the answer to my original post, but could not actually find the answer, so looked to my learned friends on AW.

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