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Can a partnership be a member in an LLP?

Can a partnership be a member in an LLP?

I've never heard of a general partnership (or LLP) being a member of an LLP, but is there anything to prevent this?

I've suggested that the partnership converts to a limited company and that the limited company becomes a corporate member in the LLP, but they are not keen.

I believe any 'person' can be a member in an LLP, but is a partnership a 'person'?


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09th May 2011 10:52

i would think so , tho is it another another LLP

if its a small partnership and not an llp why not make the individual partners partners in the LLP

what are their reasons for not incorporating have you pointed out the (dis)advantages to them im sure you have

i can forsee reams of partnership returns and fees and fines and other costs

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09th May 2011 18:01

Mmbers of an LLP

An LLP or a Scots partnership can be a member of an LLP because they are persons in their own right . An English or Welsh partnership can't be a member of an LLP because it isn't a person but its partners could be members.

Where do you want to end up, OP ? Are you trying to merge two firms but ring fence one firm's profits /assets?



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11th May 2011 12:51


Many thanks for the replies.

I came to the same conclusion - either become an LLP or register in Scotland! Neither prospect appealed so they are having a rethink.

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