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can a self employed nurse incorporate

can a self employed nurse incorporate

Hi there--does anyone know if a self employed nurse [self employed up to now] ..employs 2 other nurses...can she incorporate and work through a limited company rather than be self-employed?


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05th Apr 2012 16:33


Check the IR35 issues and also check that she is allowed to incorporate (get her to check with the GMC who I imagine she is registered with).


We have a psychiatrist who trades through a company, who also contracts work out through that company. 

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08th Apr 2012 15:30

Thanks I don't think ir35 will be an issue as the current set up is she nurses for a few elderly individual clients and also employs couple of younger carers to help her out. It seems a far more tax efficient set up to incorporate especially as her profits likely to be below 40k

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By Tosie
08th Apr 2012 16:19


She will not be registered with GMC but the NMC. No doubt she is aware of all the other bodies

that she needs to register with Care Commision Local Authority springs to mind.

Many care and nursing agencies operate through Ltd Companies so I cannot see any problem.

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