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Can AIA be claimed for Mitsubishi Double Cab vehicle?

Can anyone confirm that the Mitsubishi Double Cab warrior qualifies as P&M. It has a detachable lid and believe the payload is more than 1 tonne so believe you can claim 100% allce-can anyone confirm?



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It will depend on the exact specs

But if the payload is 1045kg or more, it should qualify as a van, and therefore eligible for AIA

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it also dep4nds on the use it is put to? how much business? how much private. and is it a revenue earning asset? (i.e. necessary for proper performance of the self employment of the individual.


so the claim will be more successful for a taxi driver than a long distance road haulier or compnay director.

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I read the question as being about the type of vehicle, and not the use to which it is put. It is either used for the purposes of the business or it is not. Even if it were to be used 95% for private purposes AIA would be available (restricted of course) provided payload condition is met.

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