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Can you recommend a share to watch ?


Can you recommend a share with good growth potential and should there be a share club discussion group?


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Share recommendations

No - for too many obvious reasons

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Why would you assume that accountants and tax people have any knowledge of the stock markets?  Its like asking your plumber for advice on your car repairs.

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Not necessarily..

I could list several shares which have given me very nice returns over the past few years both in terms of capital appreciation or dividend return and could detail reasons why others might have good growth potential (although you can get similar advice from most newspapers)

Whether I would 'recommend' them to others is a different issue however - human nature being what it is, any gain would be expected, any loss blamed on the advisor.

And I also know plumbers who are good car mechanics and one accountant who is.


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if you can't afford to lose it, don't invest it.

I could offer you a good horse to back if you really want to throw your money away :)

Had a client made a tidy sum on bank shares a couple of years ago but the rule with shares is very simple - if you can't afford to lose it, don't invest it.


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Mother (in law) knows best!

If I need investment advice I ask my mother in law.  She is in her 80s and spends a lot of time reading newspapers and magazines.  I don't.  I am hopeless at this sort of stuff.  Obviously I would not even begin to advise a client about investments.


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pessamistic view

Compared to the returns from savings, the dividend yields from the likes of Aviva, National Grid and Vodafone are 'handsome' and shares do go up as well as down.

I believe the original poster was prepared to take the 'risk' and with share prices currently depressed, some shares are seen as a bargain for those brave (or like me, stupid) enough to buy. 

As the pundits say on 'Interactive Investor' web site, DOYR: Do Your Own Research.

As for horse racing, now that is something I have no clue about  :) 

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