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Can't file online?

Today we couldn't file a clients SA return online. Last year we sent a paper return. He is a High Court judge; I wondered, are these facts related?

After an hour chasing around on the phone, I was told finally that tax payers whose files are at Public Department 1 and one other PD - still not sure which - can't in any case file online. Something to do with the systems not being secure enough.

I asked why no publicity about this. After all, HMRC says taxpayers CAN file online. Apparently they don't want to draw attention to this situation....

The woman said "It's as frustrating for us as it is for you..."

Brian Clarke


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29th Jan 2008 18:35

Many thanks for replies
If the system isn't secure enough for judges, why is it being used for any of us?

The question is of course rhetorical.

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By Anonymous
29th Jan 2008 17:07

Already covered...

You will find the relevant section in this document under SA taxpayers who are unable to file online.

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By Anonymous
29th Jan 2008 16:45

Mine wouldn't either
Mine was the original query - if you go back through the link and then back through the link on that question.

Despite the comment that if it was a Judge it should file online, mine didn't., so it would appear that Judges returns still cannot be filed online. When submitting a paper version of the return, I have asked PD1 to confirm that either we will be able to file online next year, or the deadline for submission of such returns will be 31st January and that the new paper return deadlines will not apply - if online filing is not an option. Agree with the comment on the previous thread though about unencrypted paper returns rather than encrypted online filing.

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By neileg
29th Jan 2008 15:39
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