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Capitalise Perimeter Hedge

We have received an invoice for the planting of a perimeter hedge around our buliding which will act as a security measure.

Are we able to capitalise this?


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Yes why would you not be able to capitalise it?  It has enduring benefit.

But you won't get capital allowances.

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Surprised nobody hasn't mentioned setting up a "Hedge Fund" :)

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Well I was going to say...

...but they're plant(s)!

I decided to keep it privet though and leave it out of the debate, but now that we've taken that particular branch, I thought I'd grasp the nettle. I suppose I should have twigged earlier that it would stem in this direction, and once this sort of thing has taken root, there's no nipping it in the bud.

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Kill me now.

It is weird how a plant doesn't qualify as plant though....

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