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Car List Prices for annual p11d tedium

Is there a web resaource listing Car List Prices for the annual p11d tedium ?

IT is easy for the Chairman's car as a brand new Bentley turbo is listed everywhere BUT I need to know the list price of a 1988 Fiesta base as issued to our Sales Manager etc......

JM swallow


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Source for Manufacturers Car Prices

It has Glass's Guide Consumer Values and shows Manufacturer's original list prices for each year

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Local Friendly Car Dealer
What I always do is visit a local used car dealer. Tell him you are an Accountant and not a rival dealer and ask him nicely if you can have one of his old Glass`s Guide.

These are updated monthly and show all the car models going back ten years with their original list price.

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Parkers car price guide
You can buy a car price guide book which has the list prices in. I think there is one book for newer cars and one for old ones (I think over about 10 yrs old)

Parkers are also on the internet at but I don't know if they show list prices on there or not.

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