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Cash Surplus due to non withdrawal of Dividends

The shareholders did not withdraw the Dividends from the company and there is a Cash Surplus at the year end. How should we show this Cash Surplus amount in the Accounts?


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Trick question?

Cash at bank...?

Unpaid dividend will be a creditor.

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should you be preparing accounts?

Get a qualified accountant to do the job!

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@ bigbadwolf - harsh but probably fair!

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GIve up accountancy and let me take on your clients !!


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Some people are so cruel! I sympathise as I have had my own fair share of "Basic" questions for which I recieved stick from some people!

In any case though, as kent accountant says, it would remain as a creditor on the balance sheet. When they do finally draw the money out, it would go against this. i.e. credit bank and debit Creditors.

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