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Cashflow / projection software

Cashflow / projection software

I am looking to buy some software for forecasting etc but not really sure where to start - Sage does have a Forecasting program but I've not heard any reports on it's value?

At the moment we are just using a fairly basic spreadsheet which is slightly limiting in it's parameters and adding additional information is not great due to the way it was set up.

Any suggestions gratefully received


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By newmoon
27th Sep 2011 13:46

Sage 50 Forecasting is pretty good

We use Sage 50 Forecasting and think its good.

The version we have is 2007 and I'm not sure if it has been updated or not - we haven't been advised of any updates by Sage.

If there are updates I don't know if they have been for the worse or not, as is sometimes the case!

The software used to be called Winforecast, and was developed by a company in Scotland, who sold out to Sage at least 10 years ago I think.

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29th Sep 2011 13:31

i still use win4cast

its still the best bit of software i ever bought

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29th Sep 2011 13:44

winforcast cant handle 2011 dates !

I still use this software too - purchased about 10 yrs ago! It cost £500 then , which is why I've never repalced it!

The reports can't deal with 2011 dates, but fortunately all reports can be exprted to word and the dates amended!

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By jaff
29th Sep 2011 13:54

Adaptive Planning

We recommend Adaptive Planning for our clients. It is entirely web based, covers forecasting as well as budgeting and planning. However it may be more that you are looking for - to find out take a look at or 


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By Old Greying Accountant
to Kent accountant
11th Oct 2011 11:46

Just a bit!

jaff wrote:

We recommend Adaptive Planning for our clients. It is entirely web based, covers forecasting as well as budgeting and planning. However it may be more that you are looking for - to find out take a look at or 


 $3500 basic one year contract!!


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By Snappy
30th Sep 2011 11:30

Projection software

Winforecast is much better that Sage Financial Forecasting particularly on reporting - and it can handle 2011 dates.

We use it extensively and don't have  problem. 

Just wish Sage would start developing it again instead of persisting with Financial forecasting which they seem blinkered about. They can't admit a smaller company developed a better product than theirs.

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11th Oct 2011 11:19

FD4CAST...ICAEW-Accredited Excel Spreadsheet Models

Excel Spreadsheet models built from a blank template on-the-fly.

Total set-up time usually 1-2 hours depending on complexity of your business. 

Cost £500 + VAT. Gives you all the flexibility of Excel and allows you to link all your feeder sheets and / or write Excel formula within the model.

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11th Oct 2011 15:07

Compare Excel, SageFF/Winforecast and foreCASH

I help business with cash flow forecasting using:

Excel,Sage Financial Forecasting / WinforecastforeCASH (developed here in house)

In my experience the most suitable tool will depend on whether:

Cash forecast is a report for a bank, part of an annual budgeting process, a general guide to in house managers, or is needed to manage cash strainMonthly detail is sufficient or weekly detail is neededForecast is run once a year or is it updated every monthForecast needs to run for 3 to 4 months into future, remainder of financial year, or several years into the future

You might find some of the comparisons on useful, or alternatively if you’d like more information please contact me via [email protected]

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By redboam
06th Oct 2013 11:44

Profits and cash flow forecasting

I have started using figurewizard. It's a lot quicker and easier to create and update forecasts than anything else we have used before.

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12th Sep 2015 19:27

Cash flow projection software

Hi - if you are looking for good cash flow software - Cash Forecaster is really easy to use and very reasonably priced. It has some great features and is ideal for getting cash flow forecasts done really quickly.

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