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CCH Customer Service

I've been trying to organise software training and CCH have been very unresponsive so far.

I don't mind the idea of people telling me I can't do something or not giving me exactly what I want in terms of product offerings but CCH have been sitting on their hands. My experience so far:

 - a colleague has been chasing them to rganise training (for weeks). He has chased and CCH has ignored

 - I wrote a polite but strongly worded email to CCH about the situation. I received a response after 2 days

 - I received a call today which, after conversations with my colleagues, is contrary to what has already been agreed with CCH

Has anyone else had problems with CCH? Which of the integrated software providers provides the best customer service?

You feedback would be very welcome as we're now looking into using another provider.



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Yes, in a different situation

I ordered CCH software, the order was processed very effeciently, but soon after they started treating me like - sorry I can't explain, but it feltlike  that they were doing me a favour by selling the software to me.

Needless to say I cancelled the order. CCH does not seem to have a customer service.  I am now with Digita and am very pleased with their products and support- a proper customer service.

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CCH Customer Service

I am Head of Operations at CCH Software and as an organisation, we have an excellent record on responding to all requests for information, help, support, training bookings, guidance etc. Service is a key differentiator in our market place and the service levels are monitored daily.

Please email me on [email protected] or call me on my direct line 020 8247 1519 so I can follow this up. We take enormous pride in making sure our customers get the most of our integrated software suite – I look forward to speaking with you next week.

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I wonder..

I wonder why the original posted had to resort to these web pages to get something done.

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I stopped

ordering DIRECT from Tolley/Tottel/Bloomsburyand the worst of the lot...CCH/Wolters...because I was constantly given false information such as ...that the books were in the warehouse and ready to be sent out as soon as you order .... false information about when books were to been printed ....false delivery dates....false information that the books has been sent out....problems in stopping them chasing payment for books that were never ordered and couldn't even have been on repeat order....getting calls from sales people giving false information about what was in the books....many weren't aimed at accountants and were just basic guides for waste of time and money.

It just went on year after year, far too much bother. I remember one partner with the responsibility for professional manuals, about twenty years ago, finding the whole process time consuming and his most frustrating job. Yet it is so simple via various book shops, you ask questions, you pay for the item, they deliver it, end of story.


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I won't use CCH

I had experience of using CCH for Taxpoint (for SA tax returns). The software was slow and had signifcant bugs that meant work arounds had to be used and you could never be confident that the output was correct.

I also bought the CCH tax annuals and was disappointed with these. I thought I was getting a bargain with the very large British Master Tax Guide, having been a user of Tolley's Tax Guide in the past which was smaller. In fact, I found it difficult to pinpoint the info I needed when referring to the BMTG and have since gone back to Tolley's Tax Guide. I order this from Amazon and it gets delivered postage free promptly after first publication.

My overall impression of CCH - software and books - is poor and I came to the conclusion that this is something endemic to the organisation. Sorry to have a closed mind, but there is nothing anyone can say that would persuade me to try CCH ever again for any product or service.

Sorry if some of this is off topic.

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I do hope that the orginal poster has spoken with head of CCH customer service and his problem has been resolved.

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Too little too late

@David, I think it is telling that when I make a complaint on a public forum you're quick to respond. When My colleagues and I are trying to get [removed by mod - personal staff names cited unnecessarily] to respond it's another story. 

We gave CCH weeks of second chances but didn't really get much back so for better or worse we've shifted to Iris. An interesting fact about Iris is that after receiving an urgent request for training, they managed to send a trainer to us. We told them about the training requirement the day before the training was due to take place. Iris managed to get us the installation discs in the same period of time as well.

Whilst the truely exceptional level of service given by Iris isn't what I'd expect every time, it is in stark contrast with the repeatedly appalling service we've received from CCH. My advice to CCH is simple, stop talking about customer service and start delivering it.

If you're serious about finding out how your firm has failed my colleagues and I, please PM me. You've already lost a customer but that doesn't mean you can't learn from it. 

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CCH Customer Service

Sorry to hear that you've had a problem - this is much different to my experience.

We have used CCH products in their previous guises for some years and have always found a quick and helpful response. The people we are in contact with are pretty much the same as before joing CCH and we have found no change in attitude or service manner.

If you do have a problem ask to speak to someone high up you I've found that I've always got a response and sorted any problems out fairly quickly


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Mark Levy Partner at Berley Chartered Accountants

My practice has dealt with CCH and MYOB ( its predecessor  )  for  over  20 years and has received excellent service, Simon Crompton as his team has always managed our expectations well  .......... but anybody can have a bad day now and them

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CCH have redeemed themselves somewhat in the last couple of days. Gareth Potter form CCH called me to apologise and, of course, to try to get our business back. He explained what had happened and although it wasn't just a bad day that resulted in my company's experience, I did appreciate the fact that he was honest that they really hadn't delivered a suitable level of service.

Overall I'm satisfied by Gareths call. He didn't have to call and he told me (honestly I believe) why we didn't get the service that he thinks we desrve. When it's time to reconsider software packages, I'll consider CCH alonsgide all the others.

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