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Change email address for VAT notifications

Im trying to change the email address for several clients I have recently purchased as the previous accountant has forwarded them onto me this morning. Ive logged into my HMRC gateway and assumed it could be changed under the maintain client option but that only lets you add a client code.

I dont have their individual logins so going to have to do it through my gateway somehow.



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By vince8
24th Apr 2012 10:04

Are you the registered agent?

Do these clients appear on your VAT Online Services account (which is different to self assessment)??

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By mm01
24th Apr 2012 10:16

Yes the clients appear under the VAT section on my government gateway but for some reason the email reminders are going to the previous accountant.  Not sure if it is because the change was made near the time of the notification was emailed perhaps?  I can wait and see who gets the email for next month for some other clients I have purchased and take it from there if no one can shed any light on the matter.

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24th Apr 2012 10:50

At a glance

The link at the bottom of the "At a glance" screen is "Change email address" or to put it another way, the e-mail address applies to you generally as the agent and not to the individual clients.  If the clients now appear on your list of Clients, e-mail reminders should be sent to you in future.

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By vince8
24th Apr 2012 10:52

What can you see?

When you first log in you get a page Your HMRC Services. To the left is main menu, open your account for your contact detail. Also once you access the service you get an At a Glance page with maintain email address at bottom. If all these correctly show your email address maybe the changes did not get through before the emails were generated to old accountant? As you say, check next month.

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24th Apr 2012 11:01

Post takes some time to catch up

It probably depends if they set the blanket email up a few days in advance or if it happens in 'real-time'. I had clients appearing on my electronic agent list but post still went to the old agent for a few weeks. 

Hopefully next month the emails will come to you.

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