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Changing professional bodies

Changing professional bodies

I'm an ACCA member and dont really feel as though i'm getting value for money for my subs.

I'm considering changing to another professional body, but am unsure of which i could gain direct membership to and which have a good reputation.

has any one else made such a move??


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13th Mar 2008 16:05

We Are All In The Same Boat!
I'm an ICAEW member and I also get nothing for my money except grief.

No wonder there are now so many unqualified accountants about who do not have to pay allegiance to any so called professional bodies!

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13th Mar 2008 16:49

Me too, I've been ACCA for 20 years and get more disillusioned every year. Over 90% of what they do, their magazine, their website is of absolutely no interest or relevant to me, a UK practising accountant.

This year, I have been very seriously looking at other bodies that have more relevance to me. I quite like the look of ICPA which seems to be aimed at small practitioners, but am put off by them not being on HMRC's professional body list and wonder whether banks etc would accept accounts and earnings certificates. Unfortunately, I have tried to contact them twice by email but they have replied to neither, so they don't appear to be very responsive to enquiries about membership either - in my book a bad omen at the start of a professional relationship! I have also considered joining the AAT which does appear to be recognised.

For me, it's not a question of cost, it is a question of support - ACCA provide none. I have phoned their technical helpline several times and have never yet been given a straight answer - they just repeat, parrot fashion, what their website or the law says and don't appear to have the remotest idea of how to relate the words to real life - which is of course why I rang in the first place.

I have another 20 years of practising, and I really don't want to be stuck with the ACCA for that long - it is really only a matter of time for me to give up the membership and move elsewhere, I just think I'll tread water another year or two though to see how the new MLR and HMRC supervision work out, and what other professional bodies get the HMRC accreditation and appear on the approved list for banks. Probably 2010 and I'll be off.

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13th Mar 2008 17:03
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13th Mar 2008 17:13

Join the Institute of Financial Accountants they look as though they are progressive and want to listen to their members more than the top tier bodies.

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By bobhurn
14th Mar 2008 10:33

ICPA HMRC Regulation List

I received a flyer from the ICPA about 6 months ago and that stated then that they were making representations to H M Treasury to be approved as a ML regulator, not sure of the latest position. I notice that their website appears to have had a re-launch and makeover, maybe the cause of lost emails?

ICPA get a lot of stick on this site accused of using the CPA label that is so well known worldwide for unqualifieds, but a look at their criteria for membership may leave you with a different opinion.

For balance I should mention I am not a member of ICPA nor connected with the institution in any other way.

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